Don’t miss LinkedTV @ACMTVX this year with demos and an industry offer #TVX2015 #LinkedCulture #SocialDocumentary

LinkedTV is pleased to be present with a workshop participation, interactive demonstrator and an industry presentation at this years ACM TV Experiences (TVX) 2015 conference in Brussels from June 3.5. Take advantage of the early registration until April 30!

On Wednesday, in the workshop on People, Context, and Devices: Defining the New Landscape of TV Experiences scientific coordinator Lyndon Nixon will demonstrate the LinkedCulture application as an example of the new consumption experience of TV and additional related information. LinkedTV looks forward to contribute on the topic of how to provide viewers a new user experience of TV linked to additional information and content from the Web in a way that enhances, and not disrupts, the original TV viewing wish.

On Thursday, in the demos session, University of Mons will show its innovative take on linked television, the Social Documentary. It is an interactive installation for collaborative navigation through a collection of video fragments, made up of a vertical main screen which displays the video and a horizontal second screen, which is used as control panel. A touch interface and three cubes with markers give the users an intuitive and intentional way to interact with the system. Besides, a color and depth camera is used to estimate the users’ gaze and quantify how interested they are in the displayed content. As the probability of displaying each video is linked to visitors’ interest in its content, the state of the system evolves through time and depending on the usage. The set-up points to a future creative form of television where video is split and consumed non-linearly according to triggers by the user such as attention or a wish to consume specific content with specific emotions, etc. A video is available at:

On Friday, in the Session 4 on “Multi-screening”, Lyndon Nixon will present LinkedTVs offer to broadcast TV entitled: “a broadcast solution for integrating the Web with your TV content”. LinkedTV offers a set of tools and services to enable content owners to deliver their video material alongside relevant Web information and content across the user’s screens, not disrupting the viewing of the TV programme while satisfying the viewers interest in or need for information when it occurs.

Want to know more about LinkedTV while you are at ACM TVX? – just drop a line to Lyndon dot Nixon at modul dot ac dot at.

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