LinkedTV and HbbTV @IFA_Berlin and #ICCE2014: how your SmartTV can provide the information you’re looking for

LinkedTV has been active this week in Berlin in the context of the Internationale Funk Ausstellung (IFA) – Europe’s answer to CES – and the parallel International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE).

European households who purchase a new SmartTV will most likely have HbbTV capability, the European standard for hybrid broadcast-broadband content delivery. HbbTV has established itself today as a replacement for the old Teletext/Videotext that was once delivered within analog TV. It also provides access to online Mediatheken, the broadcasters TV archives. However, LinkedTV considers this only the beginning of what HbbTV is capable of offering viewers. HbbTV lets TV viewers access additional applications via the red button, however programme-specific applications are still limited. Combined with LinkedTV technology, a HbbTV capable SmartTV or Set Top Box could offer LinkedTV enrichments during supported TV programmes, accessed via the red button and then either displayed as overlays on the TV screen or pushed to a companion device such as the viewers tablet or laptop.

A proof of concept of LinkedTV over HbbTV has been shown this week at the IFA, courtesy of our partner Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (RBB)

Meanwhile, our scientific coordinator Dr Lyndon Nixon of MODUL University presented the Linked Television vision, implementation and HbbTV prototype at the ICCE conference.

Finally, LinkedTV reiterated its commitment to the HbbTV 2.0 specification which is not yet launched in Consumer Electronics devices. Several key functionalities such as the ability to discover and connect to another screen or synchronize Internet content to broadcast TV are currently missing in HbbTV for LinkedTV to become a living room reality. Our prototype demonstrates the feasibility of the approach and we look forward to the next generation HbbTV devices that can support it!

A position paper on HbbTV 2.0 and LinkedTV considers this in more detail:



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