LinkedTV work on Shot Segmentation and Automatic Speech Recognition @icassp2014

LinkedTV is pleased to announce two accepted papers at the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), to be held in May 2014 in Florence, Italy:

  • E. Apostolidis, V. Mezaris.  Fast Shot Segmentation Combining Global and Local Visual Descriptors.
  • T. Ngyuen, D. Stein, M. Stadtschnitzer. Gradient-free Decoding Parameter Optimization on Automatic Speech Recognition

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LinkedTV has #EDF2014 poster on #secondscreen apps enriching TV broadcasts via #LinkedData

LinkedTV is pleased to announce its submission Developing a second screen application for TV broadcasts enriched via Linked Open Data has been accepted as a poster presentation at the European Data Forum 2014, in Athens, Greece, on the 19th March 2014, 6-8pm. 

Increasingly, European citizens consume television content on, or with, devices connected to the Internet where they can look up related information. In parallel, Europe is publishing growing amounts of Linked Open Data, including rich metadata about its cultural heritage. The LinkedTV project’s goal is to seamlessly interlink TV and Web content to enrich the user’s experience of both. Linked Data and semantic technologies enable broadcasters to achieve added value for their content at low cost through the re-use of existing and extracted metadata.

We will present at EDF2014 two user studies (on Interactive News and the Hyperlinked Documentary) and the end-user interface for a second screen application for Linked Television.


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Concept-based Video Annotation wins #MMM2014 Best Paper award

Congratulations to LinkedTV partner CERTH, whose work on “A Comparative Study on the Use of Multi-Label Classification Techniques for Concept-Based Video Indexing and Annotation” by Fotini Markatopoulou, Vasileios Mezaris and Ioannis Kompatsiaris received the Best Paper Award at the 20th International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling (MMM’14), which was held in Dublin, Ireland, in January 2014.

CERTH leads the LinkedTV work on hypervideo analysis, which covers use of the combination of shot segmentation, concept detection, object re-detection, face detection, keyword extraction, ASR and speaker identification techniques to support the rich, semantic annotation of TV programming.



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Can we tell stories by interweaving TV and Web? Join #FutureTV @ACMTVX #tvx2014! Deadline March 17

The 5th FutureTV workshop at ACM TVX 2014 will explore the new possibilities for television that can be realised through the LinkedTV vision of interweaving seamlessly TV and Web content, and particularly how this seamless interweaving can be used to build new forms of interactive stories around streamed audiovisual and Web content.

Building on top of LinkedTV’s Platform for analysing and annotating TV programming as well as the LinkedTV Player for providing multi-screen enrichment of the annotated TV playout with links to more information about objects and topics in the program, we believe the natural next progression in the TV-Web experience will be to build whole narratives around the interweaving of both. Ideas, position papers and prototypes around interactive stories told by a mix of TV and Web content are keenly requested! Submission deadline is March 17. 

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Accepted tutorial at @WWW2014_Korea on “Re-using Media on the Web”

LinkedTV is pleased to announce an accepted tutorial at WWW2014 in Seoul, Korea on the topic of “Re-using Media on the Web”, supported by the MediaMixer project.

LinkedTV partners MODUL University, CERTH and EURECOM will address the state of the art in the area of online media analysis, annotation and linking, reflecting that a number of Web-based specifications and technologies are now emerging that in combination can provide the technical solution for media owners to be enabled to manage and re-use their online media at a fragment level.

Specifications and technologies supported by or developed in LinkedTV will feature strongly in this tutorial, since we already make a lot of experience in the domain of television and the application of media linking and enrichment in the context of this project. Registration to the conference is open, with early registration rates closing February 17.

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What is the Future of Television in 2014? Join the discussion at our #TVX2014 Workshop @ACMTVX 2014

The 2014 Future Television workshop at the ACM TVX 2014 conference (formerly EuroITV) is focused on the topic of Interactive Storytelling.

The goal of the workshop is to explore the new possibilities for television that can be realised through the LinkedTV vision of interweaving seamlessly TV and Web content, and particularly how this seamless interweaving can be used to build new forms of interactive stories around streamed audiovisual and Web content.

We aim to explore how technologies and research in related domains contribute to the design and implementation of interactive storytelling, as an integration of TV and Web contents from different sources on same or different screens, with a particular focus on ensuring intuitive understanding of the overall story and respecting the need for meaningful narrative in content consumption which can be very individual in terms of each viewer’s path through the story.

We solicit research and development papers which present original new work that could be part of future “Linked Television”, drawing from the experiences made in interactive storytelling, including:

  • how TV and Web content and their integration can be designed to facilitate interactive stories;
  • technologies and tools which facilitate the production of interactive stories, based on preparation of appropriately planned TV programming or collection of recommendations of related Web content, respecting overall story narrative;
  • end device user interface and user experience for facilitating intuitive viewer participation in an interactive story;
  • requirements and proposals for new or altered specifications or standards to underlie the data used in describing an interactive story;
  • business and consumer applications of interactive storytelling based on a mix of TV and Web content, concepts for traditional broadcasters or OTT providers to deliver interactive stories as part of their programming.

We want a wide and open discussion on these topics so submissions are required only to be position papers of maximum two pages. Practitioners and developers are invited to submit max. one page demo papers that describe a tool or service and how it can contribute to Interactive Story creation. We hope that everyone with an idea to contribute to Interactive Storytelling can participate in this important discussion!

Submission deadline is March 17, 2014. More at the workshop web page. 

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1st Intl Workshop on Social Events in Web Multimedia @ICMR2014

We are happy to announce the 1st International Workshop on Social Events in Web Multimedia, taking place in conjunction with ICMR 2014 (Glasgow, Scotland).

The modeling, detection and processing of events in video is an area that has started to receive considerable attention by the multimedia community, and is supported by both the LinkedTV and MediaMixer projects, who promote the value of richer annotation of web multimedia to industry communities such as broadcasters, media archives and producers.

This Workshop aims to attract and present the latest developments and results on the discovery of social events from web multimedia content, and on techniques for the detection and retrieval of media items that are related to such social events. By social events, we refer to events that are planned by people, are attended by people, and are represented by multimedia and in general social media content that is captured by people.

The target audience of this workshop includes all researchers and practitioners interested in the better understanding of multimedia retrieval and of events in the context of the Web and/or social networks. Submission of papers deadline is February 1st 2014, for more see the Call for Papers.

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Second Linked Media workshop @eswc_conf 2014 in May! Submissions to Mar 6 2014. #eswc2014

We are pleased to announce the second workshop on Linked Media has been accepted for the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) 2014, taking place on May 25 or 26, 2014 in Crete, Greece. This continues on from the successful first event at WWW2013 where Linked Media was first presented as a concept for the online publication of semantic media descriptions using Linked Data, and thus potentially enabling interlinking of media across the Web based on conceptual relationships.

To explore the possibilities of Linked Media further, the workshop solicits both research submissions (full papers) and demo submissions which present new approaches and relevant tools for realising Linked Media. Submission deadline is March 6, 2014.

For more information, refer to the workshop page.

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LinkedTV special sessions on Media Art and Media Linking @MMM2014Dublin

The New Year starts with a bang for LinkedTV, where project experts will speak at the MediaMixer Winter School about the technologies that make Linked Television possible, and then at the co-located conference MMM2014 (Multimedia Modeling 2014, Dublin, Ireland, Jan 6-8 2014) LinkedTV is involved in not one but TWO special sessions!

There are still some last spaces free in the Winter School for last minute decisions: MMM 2014 registration is available up to the conference itself with special rates for combining both school and conference!

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LinkedTV will host the 5th FutureTV workshop @ACMTVX 2014 on Interactive Storytelling #TVX2014

We are pleased to announce that next summer at the leading international conference on online video and TV interaction and user experience, the ACM TVX 2014 (formerly EuroITV), longer known as the ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video,  LinkedTV will organise the fifth Future Television workshop, this year focused on Interactive Storytelling.

LinkedTV has focused on linearly enriching the TV program with links to related information about objects and topics in that program. However, the integration of TV and Web content opens up new possibilities for how a TV experience may be formed, which is moving in the direction of Interactive Storytelling. Here, the TV content and the links from it to other material would be designed to tell an overall story and respect the need for meaningful narrative in content consumption which can be very individual in terms of each viewer’s path through the story.

The goal of the workshop will be to bring together experts from the TV and Web media communities to discuss how LinkedTV ideas can be applied to interactive storytelling with audiovisual material enriched by links to other content. As such, the focus will be on entertaining creative ideas, learning about innovative tools and services and sharing knowledge and technology.

A workshop website will be launched before Christmas with a submission deadline in March 2014 for position papers of max 2 pages. We look forward to your ideas and sharing experiences in the future of television!

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