Hyperlinked Documentary Scenario

Sound and Vision is the Netherland’s largest media archive.


Sound and Vision and the rest of the LinkedTV project consortium would like to thank AVRO for access to their content for use within this scenario.


A storyboard helps us capture the motivations of different individual users when viewing different chapters of one episode of Antiques Roadshow. Our LinkedTV scenarios description document (D6.1) lists all our scenario storyboards.

Rita is an administrative assistant at the Art History department of the University of Amsterdam.

Bert is an antiques dealer in Leiden

Daniel is a Economics and Business master student.

Example LinkedTV enrichments

For the Sound and Vision scenario we selected frames from the episode where key concepts of interest to a viewer where present and prototyped the LinkedTV enrichment process. This provided us with requirements for the LinkedTV technical work to be able to automate such enrichment via the LinkedTV platform.

The concept “Nelleke van der Krogt” can be linked to biographical information (e.g. from Dutch Wikipedia). However the linkage from her person to media (films, soundtracks, TV programs) in IMDB seems most useful to derive new queries to online media providers to access (parts of) media where Nelleke appears (e.g. YouTube has an interview with her from 2009 in the show “Pauw & Witteman” ). Combined with the time information in the metadata (e.g. release date), a timeline of media involving Nelleke could be provided by the LinkedTV system.

The concept “Chi-Rho” appears visually on an object in the Antiques Roadshow episode. Online metadata categorizes Chi Rho as an Early Christian Inscription and a Christian symbol, providing a means to associate it with other symbols from the Early Christian period such as INRI, Nomina Sacra or Pantokrator. Content can be directly queried for Chi Rho, such as from Europeana which returns 60 audio, 36 image and 1 text object (see below right). The LinkedTV system could also offer faceted browsing along the topic of Early Christian symbology in order to equally link to content associated to the other symbols (see below left):

The concept “Jan Sluijters” (person) is present in the form of one of his paintings. Painters have identifiers in cultural heritage collections such as ULAN (500198457) as well as are present in DBPedia (http://dbpedia.org/resource/Jan_Sluyters). For Jan Sluyters himself, a number of webpages could be mined for useful content alongside structured sources like Europeana (we have identified Artcyclopedia, and The Athenaeum has useful examples). These can provide works chronologically and link them to the museums they are present in. On top of this, based on the concept type (painter) the LinkedTV system could offer faceted browsing on qualities such as style or period:

Scenario Demos

Several demos of this scenario are available on our Demos page

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