Media Arts Scenario

University of Mons drives this scenario together with the NUMedia Institute for New Media Art Technology.

Scenario Implementation and Demo

To acquire proposals for LinkedTV media art scenarios, University of Mons organised a special session for LinkedTV during the INTETAIN 2013 conference, a leading event on intelligent technologies for interactive entertainment. At that event it launched the MEDIADROM competition to the gathered artists as well as distributing the call afterwards to the media art community. The competition called for proposals how LinkedTV could be applied in “artful post-TV” scenarios, i.e. thinking outside of the classical ‘broadcast television’ box. Four proposals were retained after review for further development within the LinkedTV project.

Next, the media artists will present their concepts at a special session during MMM2014 (January 2014) and on that basis concepts suitable for implementation with LinkedTV technology will be invited to a dedicated artists’ residence in Mons, Belgium in early 2014 to work with LinkedTV partners in realising their artistic post-TV demo.

The accepted artistic concepts are:

1. Social Documentaries

This concept is based around the use of multimodal and tangible interfaces for manipulating and searching multimedia content, focusing on the recent protests in the Gezi Park in Istanbul. We plan to process with LinkedTV large amounts of user generated content around the protests such as photographs, videos and tweets. We will explore how media linking can enable a new type of exploration of content around a social movement, combined with the usage of innovative interface modalities.

Social Documentaries

2. Artform Explorer

This concept foresees an application enabling users to search and explore artists works sorted according to themes as well as their interrelationship, focused on the artform of plastic theatre.

The intention is to allow use of this multimedia interface outside of the living room, installed in media libraries, museums or exhibitions, or special events such as performances related to the art form being explored.

Artform Explorer

3. Travel Logging

This concept foresees a mobile application enabling the user to generate a report of their experience in a city. It envisions life-logging incorporating user generated video and multiple sensory signals.

The smartphone becomes an authoring tool for generating enriched reports of personal travel experiences which can be uploaded and shared with the users social networks.

Travel Logging

4. Multisensory stimulation

This concept proposes a multisensory environment (and their content authoring) in hospitals that merges different art forms: comic strips, video art etc.

There is a wealth of display interfaces that seem relevant to the concept of multisensory stimulation and the exploration of non-linear storytelling components.

Multisensory stimulation

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