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Linked Media @WWWfirenze: workshop report – all slides and links now online! #lime2015 #www2015 #linkeddata #linkedmedia

Published on May 22, 2015 By lyndon.nixon@sti2.org

Last Monday we were pleased to hold the 3rd international workshop on Linked Media at the WWW 2015 conference. This is the second time LiME took place at a WWW conference and ca. 25 people attended to hear presentations, see demos and join the discussion on annotating media with Linked Data and using those annotations […]

How do we annotate TV programs and use annotations to link to related content? (#dwerft talk by @lyndonjbnixon)

Published on November 24, 2014 By lyndon.nixon@sti2.org

Last week LinkedTV scientific co-ordinator Dr Lyndon Nixon spoke as invited speaker at the d-werft conference in Potsdam, Germany where he outlined the LinkedTV approach to annotating TV programming and using that annotation to generate links from parts of the TV programme to related content on the Web. Check out the slides below:   Annotating […]

Creating Enriched YouTube Media Fragments With NERD Using Timed-Text

Published on September 27, 2012 By Simeona Pellkvist

Creating Enriched YouTube Media Fragments With NERD Using Timed-Text Author: Yunjia Li, Giuseppe Rizzo, Raphaël Troncy, Mike Wald and Gary Wills In Proceedings of The 11th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2012) held in Boston, USA on November 11-15, 2012 during Demo Session. Abstract: This demo enables the automatic creation of semantically annotated YouTube media fragments. A video is fi rst […]