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Experience more LinkedTV after the summer!

August 14, 2013

While European partners take their holidays during the summer months, LinkedTV as a whole is remaining focused on a major milestone this September. It will mark two years of LinkedTV research and development and, significantly, will see the first working implementations of the LinkedTV platform with a full end-to-end workflow and the LinkedTV player running […]

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New LinkedTV technology: MediaFinder collects #socialmedia and using #Kinect to grab #MediaFragments courtesy @EURECOM

August 9, 2013

LinkedTV partner EURECOM has provided details of three demonstrators of LinkedTV technology. As leader of our “Linking video to Web content” workpackage EURECOM is focusing on the challenge to provide fresh and relevant media content to link to from concepts annotated in TV programs. Its MediaFinder system collects images and video from social networks related […]

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