One year LinkedTV – discover the achievements!

LinkedTV has recently completed its first year of activity and published the first annual “periodic report”. This report reveals the key achievements of the project in its very first year, and reflects a very active progress having been made in all areas of research and development: video analysis, semantic annotation, user interfaces and personalisation. On top of these advances, the architecture of the LinkedTV platform has been agreed and first components integrated; uncommonly for a project in its first year we even have already a working front end video player and have been able to demonstrate working versions of our scenarios! LinkedTV has been extremely active in dissemination from day one, and even also in planning for future exploitation of the results.

Key points from our first year periodic report:

All in all, we look back proudly at our first year working together in LinkedTV and see many exciting developments for the coming year of work – including advanced video analysis, the first component for automatically linking video to related content, further developments in the UI design (including for second screen), integration of the personalisation filters, and development of an editor tool for content owners to control the enrichment of their content – all of this being part of an end-to-end workflow realised in the LinkedTV platform and resulting in play-out of enriched videos on a LinkedTV player. Online demos will showcase this experience in the context of personalised news (RBB) and Antiques Roadshow (S&V). As you see, the coming year is even more exciting in LinkedTV – subscribe to our news (rss) or Twitter feed to keep up-to-date, and check out our demos & publications to get a further insight into LinkedTV.

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