CERTH releases video shot segmentation software

CERTH just publicly released an advanced edition of its software for the automatic temporal segmentation of videos into shots, i.e., the division of the video in sequences of consecutive frames captured without interruption by a single camera. The released software can detect both abrupt and gradual shot transitions with high accuracy, and makes use of CUDA-based parallel computing capabilities of modern PCs for making the whole analysis process at least 2-3 times faster than real-time processing (depending on the processing capability of the PC’s graphics card). The development and release of this software was supported by EU research projects LinkedTV (http://www.linkedtv.eu/) and MediaMixer (http://www.mediamixer.eu/).

The software is available for download at http://mklab.iti.gr/project/video-shot-segm

Related technical paper: E. Apostolidis, V. Mezaris, “Fast Shot Segmentation Combining Global and Local Visual Descriptors”, Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Florence, Italy, May 2014. (available at http://www.iti.gr/~bmezaris/publications/icassp14_preprint.pdf)

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