Implementation of Hyperlinks in videos with HTML5

LinkedTV partner, Rolf Fricke, Condat AG,  has delivered a presentation during Xinnovations workshop in Humboldt University in Berlin on September 11th, 2012. It was a W3C-Workshop on HTML5 with W3C German/Austrian office and related W3C Working group members.
In the presentation was explained about main objective of the LinkedTV project, which is the integration of hyperlinks in videos to open up new possibilities for the interactive, seamless usage of video on the Web. One challenge is the placement of tags and hyperlinks above the video layer, which should be closely associated to the underlying media fragments for persons or objects shown in the video. As the media fragments dynamically appear, move and disappear a precise synchronization of the overlays and related media fragments is needed. We plan to implement these features together with further user interface features on the basis of the HTML5 elements video, CSS3 and web workers. As we target WebTV as well as Broadcast TV, we plan to provide a restricted HbbTV 1.1 implementation for TV-sets, but we finally expect to profit from a HTML5 integration in upcoming HbbTV releases.
Please visit this link for the presentation’s slide

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