LinkedTV brings hypernym discovery to German #DBPedia! @DBpedia_De #lod #lhd #thd #ner

LinkedTV is pleased to contribute to the German DBPedia effort through the addition of hypernym discovery within Wikipedia article text. The “Linked Hypernyms Dataset” identifies the types of a resource through statistical type inference co-occurrence.

With this, a key problem for the German DBPedia dataset is being addressed: the sparsity of RDF type properties on DBPedia resources which makes SPARQL querying more difficult.

The new German DBPedia dataset now contains between 43 and 53% more rdf:type triples.

The same dataset is applied in the LinkedTV project to classify extracted entities from TV programming by type. This functionality is encapsulated in the service Targeted Hypernym Discovery (THD), developed and provided by our partner University of Economics Prague.

This was originally announced following the 2nd DBPedia Community meeting at


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