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RBB is the public broadcaster for the area of Berlin and Brandenburg in Germany.

First Year Scenario Prototype

The Interactive News Scenario has been implemented in a first version on the prototype LinkedTV platform and player. Due to content licensing restrictions, it is currently not available publicly. However see our partner Hyperlinked Documentary scenario demo or contact RBB for more information about access.

Second Year Scenario Realisation

The Interactive News Scenario has now been realised using the first full release of the LinkedTV Platform and Player, as demonstrated in the video recording below:

Third Year Scenario Realisation

The LinkedNews scenario has been implemented with two approaches to viewer access and interaction with LinkedTV annotations and enrichments:

(1) A mobile application: starting with a connected device such as a laptop and tablet, the viewer can choose a news programme and begin to watch as well as browse the annotations and enrichments on the same screen. They also have the option to send the news programme video to an available other screen (e.g. their TV set) and continue to browse the LinkedTV enrichment content on their mobile device synchronized to the news programme. This is an adaptation of last years’ LinkedNews tablet interface for use with RBB content and enrichments. In particular, the available navigation for browsing enrichments has been aligned to the dimensions of enrichment supported for the RBB scenario which are related news items from RBB and related news items from other sources;

(2) An HbbTV application: starting with a SmartTV or set top box (STB) with HbbTV functionality, the “red button” mode allows the viewer to access the LinkedTV application and begin to explore video chapters and their annotations. For annotated concepts, also relevant information for each concept can be displayed on the main screen. Again, if the viewer wishes to explore further the LinkedTV enrichments they may connect a second screen to the LinkedTV application which will mirror the list of video chapters and their annotations but offer a more complete browsing of available enrichment links from the LinkedTV system using the LinkedNews interface described above.

LinkedTV demonstration of LinkedNews: HbbTV application for enrichment of a news program with related information from Linked Television on Vimeo.

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