Agenda of first workshop on Linked Media published @www2013rio

The first International Workshop on Linked Media to be held at the WWW2013 conference this year organized by LinkedTV has just announced its agenda.

The event forms part of a LinkedTV effort to push for more structured, interlinked annotation of online media resources, which would not only support the hyperlinking task in LinkedTV but would surely support the creation of other, innovative media applications.

Scientific coordinator Lyndon Nixon will keynote on the importance of Linked Media to the future Web, something LinkedTV as a project is supporting together with the MediaMixer project which promotes semantic media and media fragments to industry.

An agenda of scientific talks and demos will show some of the work being done today around the world in supporting Linked Media, and we are looking forward to a wider participation by interested researchers and industry professionals to join the Linked Media discussion. In fact, WWW2013 early registration finishes today.

See the agenda at 


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