Archive content and SmartTVs: LinkedTV presenting solution @FIATIFTA Global Conference

The FIAT/IFTA Global Conference is the annual key event for experts from the global television archives to learn about the latest developments and trends in their area.

On Sunday, October 27, Johan Oomen of partner Sound and Vision will talk in the “Access & Use” track speaking on Archive content and SmartTVs. As more and more consumers have connected TV devices at home (whether SmartTV or with a Set Top Box), complemented by laptops or tablets which can function for them as “second screens”, e.g. to explore related information alongside a TV programme, Television Archives are faced with the question how their preserved content could be (re-)used in this new context. 

We will present a LinkedTV solution where, via video analysis and annotation with relevant entities, linking between parts of a TV programme and related Web information becomes feasible. This can be the basis of new types of services on SmartTVs or alongside, on second screens.



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