@EuroITV2013 see LinkedTV demos and papers on interactive, multiscreen hypervideo

The next European conference on Interactive Television (EuroITV) to be held June 24-26 2013 in Como, Italy, promises to be as every year a highlight for researchers and industry experts working in the domain of Smart and Interactive Television. This year the LinkedTV project will be particularly present with several project partners presenting papers or demos, as well as the 4th edition of the Future Television workshop taking place on the pre-conference day.

In the main conference, LinkedTV is pleased to announce that the following demos and short papers have been accepted in the program:

  1. Daniel Ockeloen,Kati Hyyppä, Pieter van Leeuwen. Enriched Multiscreen TV Experience. Demo
  2. Ana Carina Palumbo, Lynda Hardman. User Information Needs for Environmental Opinion-forming and Decision-making in Link-enriched Video. Short Paper
  3. Vuk Milicic, José Luis Redondo Garcia, Giuseppe Rizzo, Raphaël Troncy. Grab your Favorite Video Fragment: Interact with a Kinect and Discover Enriched Hypervideo. Demo
  4. Lyndon Nixon, Matthias Bauer and Cristian Bara. Connected Media Experiences: interactive video on your television. Demo

Clearly LinkedTV is working to put hypervideo (video where a viewer can interact with objects within the video) onto the research and industry agenda, with single and multi-screen demos, interaction using the remote control, touch and gesture, and the interface and experience being backed by user trials. We look forward to meeting with EuroITV attendees – for the interested, please note that early registration at EuroITV is available until May 1st!


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