Future Television workshop @EuroITV2013 agenda and keynote published!

LinkedTV is proud to co-locate its Future Television workshop at EuroITV2013 (the European Conference on Interactive Television) with two other expert sessions, one on Multiscreen Applications supported by the webinos project, and another on multi-user services for Social TV supported by the hbbNEXT project.

The full day agenda has now been published on our FutureTV event page, with the morning session focused on the Future Television presentations on:

  • Participatory Production in Collaborative Content Creation
  • Towards an Editing Tool for Automatically Generated Video Hyperlinks
  • Second Screen Interactions for Automatically Web-enriched Broadcast Video
  • Enriched Multiscreen TV Experience toolkit

and afterwards, a LinkedTV-supported keynote by Mr Tero Jokela from Nokia Research on “Combining Multiple Smart Devices in Everyday Activities and Tasks”.

The rest of the day will see a multi-screen switchboard demonstrated, a panel discussion on TV’s future being on which screens, and sessions on accepted papers on the topics of multiscreen applications and multi-user services for Social TV.

So we look forward if you will join us on this very full and interesting day all about TVs future at the EuroITV event, and for those who can not make it, the workshop proceedings will be published in due course at CEUR and we will release presentations too subject to authors’ permissions.


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