Is linking television and Web content across screens the future of TV? Submit your R&D to our workshop!

LinkedTV is pleased to announce the fourth International Workshop on FutureTV will take place at this year’s EuroITV conference in Como, Italy on June 24, 2013.

This years topic is “linking television and Web across screens”. Given the current trends towards using complementary devices for Web-TV integration, we want to examine in this workshop how the use of more than one screen, combined with various interaction and sensor possibilities (touch, gesture, speech, movement), could contribute new ideas and more intuitive usage possibilities for the future vision of “Linked Television”, television where Web and TV content are seamlessly interlinked.

We want to hear about your research and development work in Linked Television, particularly but not exclusively where it is cross-device, cross-platform and cross-screen!

Submission deadline is March 22. For more information, see


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