Linked Media keynote at #LIME2013 @www2013rio now online.

Yesterdays first Worldwide Workshop on Linked Media (LIME 2013) brought together over 20 participants to present on and discuss work related to the vision and goal of Linked Media. Firstly, LinkedTV scientific co-ordinator keynoted on what is Linked Media precisely, an important question for building a research community around the topic. His keynote slides are now published, see them below:

Seven further workshop presentations covered topics from linking within video collections to viewer attention tracking. The workshop TitanPad contains links to demos or videos for every presentation. A closing discussion on Linked Media noted that the included topics were very broad and that a categorization of problems would be useful to better structure discussion. What is the core concept of Linked Media?

We hope, within the LinkedTV project and involving external, interested voices, to further define and push forward the Linked Media vision.


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