LinkedTV @EuroITV2013 showing demos of Interactive Video and Multi-Screen Clickable Television

The LinkedTV project is working on concepts of Future Television, and three concepts will be demoed next week at the European Conference on Interactive Television (EuroITV2013) –

  • Connected Media Experiences: interactive video on your television will show work by LinkedTV scientific coordinator Lyndon Nixon and STI International on porting Web based interactive video to the GoogleTV platform. Using the Sony set-top box and remote control, viewers are alerted to additional information about actors, characters, places and other concepts in the TV program and by simple button pressing can quickly browse in and back out of the dynamically inserted info. This work is part of the Austrian project ConnectME. An online demo (runs on latest desktop and tablet browsers as well as GoogleTV) can be accessed.
  • Enriched Multiscreen TV Experience will demo LinkedTV’s multi-screen player for interactive television, developed by partner Noterik. TV viewers can use their mobile device to browse the concepts in the TV program and select concepts of interest to access additional content enhancing their TV experience while not disrupting their viewing on the main TV screen. An online video of the multiscreen technology can be seen here.
  • Grab your Favorite Video Fragment: Interact with a Kinect and Discover Enriched Hypervideo, by LinkedTV partner EURECOM, showing interaction with hypervideo content on a second screen, being driven by use of a Kinect camera and the MediaFinder service.

The demos sessions take place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon for EuroITV attendees.

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