LinkedTV participating in 2013 MediaEval Benchmarking Initiative for Multimedia Evaluation

The annual MediaEval initiative is a benchmarking event dedicated to evaluating new algorithms for multimedia access and retrieval. Each year a set of multimedia tasks are defined and an open call is made for participants to evaluate their approaches over a test data set. Participants have the opportunity to compare work and establish means to gain improvements in media analysis algorithms tuned to specific tasks.

LinkedTV relies on specifically prepared media analysis approaches to be able to effectively and efficiently identify concepts, events, objects and salient features in audiovisual content from various domains, including news and cultural heritage. Hence it is to be expected that the project is involving itself directly in MediaEval 2013, where partners are co-organising two of the primary tasks:

  • The Social Event Detection (SED) task of MediaEval 2013 requires participants to discover social events and organize the related media items in event-specific clusters, within a collection of Web multimedia. Event detection in audiovisual media is an important contribution to LinkedTV annotation, to enable systems to go beyond individual objects and concepts in a video to a conceptual description capturing a distinct activity or happening (“Angela Merkel meeting with Barack Obama at the White House”).
  • The Search and Hyperlinking task of MediaEval 2013 opens the chance for contributions to media hyperlinking from the wider research community. Using around 200 hours of archive BBC video, participants must demonstrate answering a query with a ranked list of media items, and generating a ranked list of video segments in the same collection that provide information about these anchors. The (automated) interlinking of video material in a collection is an open research task, and LinkedTV will participate directly in this task using linking approaches developed in the project for the linking video to Web contentwork.

Registration to participate in both tasks is now open!

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