LinkedTV presents enriching Cultural Heritage in TV with Linked Data @PATCH_workshop #patch2014

Lyndon Nixon (MODUL University) will give a talk this Monday at the PATCH workshop – the 7th International Workshop on Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage  – co-located with the Intelligent User Interfaces Conference.

The talk “Interaction Design and User Needs for TV Broadcasts Enriched with Linked Open Data” (authors: Lilia Pérez Romero, Lotte Baltussen, Pieter Van Leeuwen, Michiel Hildebrand and Lynda Hardman) will focus on LinkedTV’s Cultural Heritage demonstrator, where a TV program relating to antique artifacts is annotated first with Linked Data concepts and then that conceptual annotation is used to link objects and topics in the program to additional information about them on a second screen. In the talk, we particularly look at how user trials were performed in order to determine user preferences in the interaction design, and how the results gave us an insight into how future LinkedTV applications would be used by TV viewers.


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