LinkedTV talks and demos schedule published for #INTETAIN2013 @numediart

LinkedTV is honoured to support the 5th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (INTETAIN), and will be present on the first day, July 3rd, of this year’s conference with both a presentation session and a demos roundtable.

Technology to seamlessly interlink Web and TV content, within and across screens, can also be the basis for new forms of interactive entertainment, especially when combined with the use of Kinect, gesture control, attention and behavioural tracking and so on. Our goal with this day’s events is to present our innovative technology and tools to a creative and artistic audience, learn about how we could support new forms of interactive entertainment, and we will launch an artistic competition for the best idea in this field.

The final program outlines our special session with 5 presentations on: LinkedTV, a video hyperlink editing tool, use of a second screen in Web-enriched broadcasting, multi-screen TV installations and incorporation of attention measurement via Kinect.

This is followed by a demo session with a roundtable for browsing the different demonstrators and engaging in discussion: setting the scene by a presentation of Videodrome – a timeline of Linked Media Events – we will demo the LinkedTV multiscreen video player, the video hyperlink editing tool, the attention tracker, Medianeum (an interactive installation for exploring timelines) and MashtaCycle (improvised audio collage).

Finally, a competition will be launched at INTETAIN 2013 for the best new idea for LinkedTV technology to be applied to interactive entertainment… more details soon! To stay informed, register for and attend INTETAIN next week… and if you can’t, we’ll share updates via Web articles and tweet from @linkedtv.


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