The importance of Linked Media to the future Web: the topic at #WWW2013 Linked Media workshop by @LinkedTV

If the future Web will be able to fully leverage the scale and quality of online media, a Web scale layer of structured, interlinked media annotations is needed. This layer, which we call Linked Media (inspired by the Linked Data movement for making structured, interlinked descriptions of resources better available online), is a fundamental part of the vision of the LinkedTV project. In our view, an automated enrichment of audiovisual material with other media drawn from online sources will only work effectively if online media is described in a structured and a semantic manner.

Mobile and tablet devices, as well as connected TVs, introduce novel application domains that will benefit from broad understanding and acceptance of Linked Media standards. At next weeks World Wide Web Conference (WWW2013), the first ever Workshop on Linked Media (LiME) will take place. As keynote, LinkedTV scientific coordinator Lyndon Nixon will provide an overview of current practices and specification efforts in the domain of video and Web content integration, drawing from the LinkedTV and MediaMixer projects. From this, a vision for a Linked Media layer on the future Web emerges, to which LinkedTV as a project is contributing. During the workshop, which also features seven scientific presentations around Linked Media themes, interactive and open discussion will be encouraged to explore the Linked Media goal and how to get there.

WWW2013 attendees are cordially invited in their registration to also plan to attend the Linked Media workshop on the Monday (1-5pm), and we look forward to seeing you there!

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