EU research on TV and the Web highlights LinkedTV

The CORDIS Technology Marketplace, which regularly publishes stories highlighting the results of EU funded projects, recently posted on the topic of “TV and the Internet: a marriage made in heaven“.

Recognising how new TV devices are “Smart”, being connected to the Internet, and how TV as a medium is no longer only being consumed on the traditional TV device or being broadcast on dedicated TV networks (increasingly via IP), several EU projects are highlighted who are addressing different challenges of this brave new TV + Web world.

“For consumers it sounds like entertainment heaven, but making it happen is both a major opportunity and challenge for network operators, system developers and integrators, content providers and creators.”

Whether the increasing bandwidth needed for HD and 3D TV, new means to leverage the TV back channel, or combining TV with the Social Web and user generated content, there are EU projects looking at new solutions in a cross-border collaborative effort. As the article concludes, LinkedTV goes one step further than all of this, “putting cloud computing firmly at the centre of the TV-internet convergence mix”.

As LinkedTV wrote in its project abstract: “Browsing TV and web content should be so smooth and interrelated that in the end even “surfing the web” or “watching TV” will become a meaningless distinction“. Sign up to LinkedTV’s RSS or Twitter feed to keep updated on the realisation of this grand vision!

Read the article “TV and the Internet: a marriage made in heaven”.


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