Experience more LinkedTV after the summer!

While European partners take their holidays during the summer months, LinkedTV as a whole is remaining focused on a major milestone this September. It will mark two years of LinkedTV research and development and, significantly, will see the first working implementations of the LinkedTV platform with a full end-to-end workflow and the LinkedTV player running multiscreen and fed with real data from the platform. This will mark the fruit of all partners’ efforts since October 2011.

So after the summer break, you can look forward to:

  • more project results announcements on the website
  • updates to our public lists of Demonstrators and Tools & Services
  • a year 2 project newsletter and updated project overview slides

and of course much more!

LinkedTV will also be presenting its demonstrators of seamlessly interlinked Web and Television in due course, beginning with its participation at the ICT 2013 Exhibition in Vilnius, November 6-8 2013. We hope to see you there and show you Linked Television!

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