FutureTV workshop outcomes: sharing our vision

LinkedTV held on the pre-conference day of the EuroITV 2012 the 3rd edition of the Future Television workshop. After a full program of talks, we finished with an interesting demo and a group discussion around what Future TV would be like. The outcomes have been summarized on this poster. Drawing on keynote speaker Silvia Pfeiffers call to consider the possibilities of HTML5 for the future of television, we began by noting the probable co-existence of the classical, broadcast TV with a new generation of Web-based TV offers. While Web TV will continue to grow as an alternative source of video material, many attendees defended the experience of TV as lean-back, turn-off-and-relax viewing. As the Internet makes our daily content experiences ever more lean forward and interact, this traditional role of TV will remain relevant to consumers. In the Web TV world, in turn, there is an ongoing struggle between main screen offers and second screen offers. While pure Web content may be transferred to the main screen alongside/replacing the broadcast material, enrichments and interactions will be more likely to be used on a personal, second screen close to the viewer.

Analysing the contents of the workshop talks, the following adjectives were found to cover the foreseen characteristics of Future TV: social, immersive, crowdsourced, remixed, cross device, multi device and augmented. In the closing discussion, the focus came back to the still existing barriers to Future TV – mentioned were  content rights, infrastructure, the tv “culture” (resisting more interactivity) and complexity of FutureTV offers.
The good discussion provided a satisfactory close to the day, and let’s see what changes come in television and in our expectations for future television in the next year, also with the research and development work of the LinkedTV project providing first insights into our LinkedTV vision of deeply interactive and enriched TV viewing!

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