Linked Media @WWWfirenze: workshop report – all slides and links now online! #lime2015 #www2015 #linkeddata #linkedmedia

Last Monday we were pleased to hold the 3rd international workshop on Linked Media at the WWW 2015 conference. This is the second time LiME took place at a WWW conference and ca. 25 people attended to hear presentations, see demos and join the discussion on annotating media with Linked Data and using those annotations for media retrieval, mixing and applications.

It was encouraging to see the uptake of what we have called the Linked Media principles in the film and media industry through our keynote speaker Dr Harald Sack, whose D-Werft project is working on “Linked Production Data” for the media value chain. Subsequent talks addressed research and development in parts of the Linked Media workflow – media analysis, annotation, retrieval and linking. We heard about a video portal where video material has been analysed and semantically annotated, leading to improved and more granular search and browsing. We learnt about an initiative to publish audio metadata as Linked Data. Chair Dr Lyndon Nixon closed by showing how Linked Media can be supported by tools from the LinkedTV project to annotate video and expose that metadata via an API and SPARQL endpoint.

The consensus at the end of the workshop was that this initiative needs to continue, particularly as there are no other scientific events so focused on the topics of semantic multimedia description and Linked Data. We are grateful for the support of all presenters and participants and look forward to the next Linked Media workshop. Follow @linkedtv to stay informed!

All workshop presentations as well as complementary links are published at the LiME workshop webpage.

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