LinkedTV at the iMMovator Cross Media Café

On the 12th of February, LinkedTV was presented at the iMMovator Cross Media Café.  iMMovator is a Dutch network organisation that focuses on strengthening innovation in the media sector. The Cross Media Café’s have been organised since 2005 and attract a large crowd (usually around 200) of people from the media sector.

The theme of the Cross Media Café on the 12th of February was “Straight from the lab”. Fifteen speakers from different fields presented their innovative projects, from scientists to artists and inventors to media specialists. The Research & Development department of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision presented two research projects involving video hyperlinking central: Roeland Ordelman talked about AXES and Lotte Belice Baltussen about LinkedTV.

Roeland introduced the topic by distinguishing two possibilities types of use for video hyperlinking: search and contextualisation. Contextualization – or detail-on-demand – allows the user to zoom in on certain parts and elements in a video through linked information sources. Lotte presented the detail-on-demand approach of video hyperlinking within LinkedTV – linking information sources on the Web to (fragments of) television programs. These sources, also known as context sources, give information about the context of the video. In the Antiques Interactive scenario of LinkedTV, named entities such as objects, art movements, artists and locations discussed in the arts programme Tussen Kunst & Kitsch are linked to relevant context sources.

Another possibility of using video hyperlinking is in search. When someone searches for audiovisual material in an archive, you can make connections between different sources based on the search query. By doing so, you offer the end user more options to fulfill his information need. For instance, you can group results based on semantic connections between videos, which can result in unexpected patterns and storylines. Roeland presented how this use of video hyperlinking to aid search queries is being developed within AXES. In this European research project developed, tools are developed that offer users new ways to discover, browse, search and enrich materials in audiovisual archives. By allowing users to follow multiple paths through the archive, new stories can arise.

The techniques used in AXES and LinkedTV offer many opportunities to enrich video content with links. The next steps within LinkedTV will be to continue work on its technical infrastructure, interfaces, scenarios and to determine which information is the most relevant for individual users and to personalise the video hyperlinking experience.

More information:
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