LinkedTV supports #SmartTV app development @EuropeanaSpace Hackathon for @rbb_inno #BerlinWall documentary

On 25 and 26 February, LinkedTV partners Noterik  and RBB participated in an EuropeanaSpace workshop in Berlin. We were able to use the MultiScreen Toolkit to develop a small app to view a tour of the Berlin wall on a TV screen, with a smartphone serving as a remote control.  Viewers can click a link on their phone, that acts as a second screen, after which the Berlin wall tour is loaded on the main screen (TV). Other participants were impressed at how we were able to use our toolkit to build a working multiscreen application in a relatively short time. Together with Sound and Vision we were able to add links to related content which become available to viewers on the second screen while the Berlin wall documentary plays on their TV by using their Editor Tool – taking an activity which today requires building dedicated applications and making it quick and simple for editors thanks to the support of the Multiscreen Toolkit (see also the Showcase) to handle the enrichments created in the Editor Tool (see also the Showcase). The whole experience showed the value of the LinkedTV technology workflow, giving broadcasters eased access to enriching their TV programming with other content and handling its delivery synchronised across screens to their viewers.

For a comprehensive report on the workshop, check the Sound and Vision blog. For more on the LinkedTV technologies, see our Showcases.

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