LinkedTV technology benchmarked in #MediaEval2013 Search and Hyperlinking task

LinkedTV partners CERTH, UEP, FhG and EURECOM have worked hard all this summer to make a submission to the Search and Hyperlinking task at MediaEval 2013. As one of 11 submissions, the final results will be made known by this Saturday in Barcelona. Why all this effort? MediaEval is the real scientific evaluation of the LinkedTV approach. Not all LinkedTV components have been tested of course, but a lot of them (shot segmentation, scene detection, speaker detection, ASR, OCR, concept detection, named entity recognition, keywords extraction, semantic distance using knowledge bases and WordNet, etc.), in a real setting where the task is to provide enrichments to media fragments of seed video content, enrichments which are judged by real users regarding their relevance. An initial browse through the respective results of each submission indicate that LinkedTV is one of the leading technologies for this task!

Final results and LinkedTV’s placing in this will be announced via Twitter (@linkedtv) and a full report on our MediaEval submission follows on the website.

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