Presentation @W3C Web&TV workshop available: issues in linking the Web with broadcast TV

LinkedTV participated in the 4th  W3C Web and TV workshop in Munich on March 13, 2014. The workshop is subtitled ‘Aligning Global Standards and what’s next for Web and TV’, and LinkedTV certainly believes a closer, more relevant convergence of TV and Web content is one of those things which is “what’s next for TV”. Currently, anything from 58 to 77% TV viewers are also using a second screen on an Internet-connected device at the same time as TV viewing, and one survey found 40% of viewers using that screen to follow what was going on – with Google the first place to search for program-related information.

Scientific co-ordinator Lyndon Nixon and platform development lead Jan Thomsen delivered a presentation on “Linking Web Content Seamlessly with Broadcast Television: Issues and Lessons Learned” (PDF). The talk reflects on LinkedTV’s re-use of the “Open Web Platform” in its front end development, where a shared support for Web standards like HTML5 promises a cross-platform and cross-device technology for enriching the TV experience with links to Web content. Areas like TV program identification, extended metadata injection into the broadcast stream, companion device discovery and screen control as well as a consistent support for synchronisation of content to broadcast via Media Fragment URIs were covered in the brief presentation. Our slides have been published online.



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