Book chapter presents LinkedTV semantic user profiling and personalisation of TV content enrichment

A book titled “Semantic Multimedia Analysis and Processing” was published by CRC Press in June 2014, containing a LinkedTV chapter on “When TV Meets the Web: Towards Personalised Digital Media”.

The book, edited by E. Spyrou, D. Iakovidis and Ph. Mylonas, provides a complete reference of techniques, algorithms, and solutions for the design and the implementation of contemporary multimedia systems. The “When TV Meets the Web: Towards Personalised Digital Media” chapter of it focuses on personalized content delivery in the networked media domain.

The chapter presents a comprehensive overview of research in the field of capturing and representing user preferences and context, and an overview of relevant digital media-specific personalized recommendation techniques. Subsequently, it describes the vision and first personalization approach adopted within the LinkedTV project, for profiling and contextualizing users, and providing targeted information and content in a linked media environment.

This book chapter is the joint work of LinkedTV partners CERTH, Univ. Mons, UEP and MODUL Univ. Vienna.

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