LinkedTV @EBU_TECH on #HbbTV 2.0 for linking Television and the Web, whether #smarttv #secondscreen or #multiscreen

See and hear Linked Television at next month’s EBU BroadThinking 2015 event!

With the recent launch of HbbTV 2.0, the SmartTV standard for broadcasters to deliver Internet based services alongside their broadcast programming, this is the perfect moment for the LinkedTV project to show broadcasters its innovative technology solution to analyse and annotate TV programs. LinkedTV enables TV enrichment, i.e. temporal segments of programs may be linked to related content from the Web about the topics and objects that occur therein. Combined with HbbTV 2.0, broadcasters can offer this added value content as part of their existing broadcast channels and viewers can access and browse enrichments on a connected second screen without needing to download any applications or purchase any additional hardware.

LinkedTV will present in the Application Showcases slot on 18 March 2015 under the title “Linking the Web seamlessly with broadcast TV: issues and lessons learnt”. This talk will reflect on the issues we experienced in implementing Linked Television for broadcast TV and how HbbTV 2.0 can facilitate broadcasters in offering Linked Television.

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