LinkedTV presented improved results at the 2014 NIST #TRECVID Workshop for Multimedia Event Detection, Multimedia Event Recounting and Semantic Indexing

LinkedTV partner CERTH participated this year to the Semantic Indexing (SIN), Multimedia Event Detection (MED) and Multimedia Event Recounting (MER) tasks of the TRECVID International Benchmarking Activity. Significantly improved results were attained, compared to last year’s participation to the same tasks, verifying the significance of the work carried out in LinkedTV for solving hard video analysis problems.

One of the highlights of LinkedTV’s participation was the new, very fast machine learning method for big data problems that CERTH developed. Tested in large-scale multimedia event detection problems, this new method produces better results than both Kernel- and Linear-SVMs, while its training is one or two orders of magnitude faster than Linear-SVMs (and even more so compared to Kernel-SVMs). The use of this new approach in the Multimedia Event Detection problem was highlighted with an oral presentation at the TRECVID Workshop (check out our slides on this: ).

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