We welcome you to the 3rd #LinkedMedia workshop @WWWfirenze !

The Linked Media workshop takes place now for the third time, and thus continues to call for more research and development on a concept which we have called “Linked Media”. Indeed, while this term still has little resonance in the wider R&D community the actual principles it embodies clearly become more and more relevant with each passing year. Linked Media considers the value of annotation of media resources using Linked Data concepts, with the expectation that the source of an annotation can be a spatial or temporal fragment of media and that the result of these annotations can be software and services which can more meaningfully link media fragments together based on semantic similarity (or difference!).

In the case that nobody could believe that some day the media industry might indeed be using Linked Media, we are glad to welcome as our keynote speaker Dr Harald Sack (HPI, Germany) who co-initiated the D-Werft project, in which Linked Data annotation is being applied in all steps of the media production process. He will show us how future TV and Film production will be benefitting from common, re-usable and semantically rich metadata. We are also pleased to have this year 2 paper and 3 demo presentations. These will cover different aspects of creating and using Linked Media: annotation tools, using media analysis in the annotation process, querying, linking and a platform to manage and give access to the media metadata.  Excitingly, we will take some time to actually bring Linked Media to life in a group activity where we will be creating annotations and using them to link media fragments together: “Linked Media”, in other words.

As audiovisual content becomes increasingly dominant on the Internet and digital convergence is the order of the day for our television consumption, the lack of richer metadata is a major hindrance to new services and applications which could uncover useful and interesting links between content.  Linked Media remains a viable and valuable concept for a Web media metadata layer with semantic links between fragments which could provide this new set of services and applications with the data they need to entertain and inform consumers with mixed media content experiences. With each Linked Media workshop we welcome new (and old) attendees who we hope will join us in our vision, spread the word and contribute in their own research and development to Linked Media technologies and tools. As the media and content industries increasingly realize their need for richer annotations of their assets and new applications which re-use those assets, Linked Media remains a Web-conform solution that could unlock the full potential of online multimedia. Together, let’s make “Linked Media” a future reality!

Join us at the LIME 2015 workshop at WWW 2015 in Florence, Italy this May 18, 2015!



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