WP3-WP6 meeting in Amsterdam

Tuesday, September 11, LinkedTV Work Packages 3 (Interface and Presentation Engine) and 6 (Scenarios) met in Amsterdam for a joint session. The meeting was perfectly hosted by LinkedTV member Noterik B.V. (www.noterik.nl), situated in just 10 minutes walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station, and featuring a great view over parts of the Amsterdam Harbour, as well as a very nice rooftop terrace. Participants came together from LinkedTV members Condat, Noterik, rbb, Sound&Vision and University of Mons, some of which also took the opportunity to visit the IBC 2012.

Main topics have been the presentation and discussion of the planned demonstration show cases for the Sound&Vision Tussen & Kitsch scenario and the rbb News scenario and their realisation issues. University of Mons gave an overview of advanced interaction possibilites which could be integrated into the scenarios, and the presentation of Noterik’s HTML5 based Media Player being developed within LinkedTV showed how this can work in a real-world situation. Functional and technical aspects of the integration into the LinkedTV platform have also been discussed with LinkedTV platform lead Condat AG.

The results and open issues will be brought into the next LinkedTV plenary meeting which will take place in Thessaloniki in October, then to be hosted by LinkedTV member CERTH.

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