Audio Fingerprinting for Media Synchronisation and Duplicate Detection

Audio Fingerprinting for Media Synchronisation and Duplicate DetectionDownload PDF

Author: R. Bardeli, J. Schwenninger, and D. Stein

In Proceedings of the Media Synchronization Workshop (MEDIASYNC 2012) held in Berlin, Germany on October 11th, 2012.

With the ever-increasing offer of television content as internet broadcast streams, synchronisation of this material with second screen applications has received considerable interest over the last years. We introduce a novel audio fingerprinting method which can be easily implemented, and offer promising preliminary experiments on German news show material. Further, we evaluate possible additional usage for audio fingerprinting in the context of duplicate detection whenever different media shows on the same topic recycle shared media fragments. We give an outlook in how far knowledge drawn from our algorithm can be used to enhance a viewer’s experience, by offering automatic skipping and/or recommendation functionality.

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