Interactive News Scenario

RBB is the public broadcaster for the area of Berlin and Brandenburg in Germany.


A storyboard helps us capture the motivations of different individual users when viewing different chapters of one news show. Our LinkedTV scenarios description document (D6.1) lists all our scenario storyboards.

Peter (65), is very much interested in regional politics, economy, and history. He uses the service at home and in “TV-only” mode, so he only uses the TV Remote Control (RC) to interact.

Ralph (19) is a young carpenter who is interested in things as different as architecture, sports, hiking and modern communication technologies. He watches the news on TV and navigates extra content with the RC, but when his girlfriend Cindy (18) joins him on the sofa, Ralph grabs his tablet to interact with the service so that Cindy can watch the news undisturbed.

Nina (32) is a young urban mom who is very interested in political, ecological and social aspects of what is going on. She starts using the service with her tablet on the sofa in front of her TV, but when she has to leave the house with the baby she takes her tablet with her to consume more extra information on the go.

Example LinkedTV enrichments

From the storyboards we find specific moments in the seed video where the user’s interest in a concept can be immediately answered via LinkedTV-enabled enrichments of the video. We illustrate the process which identifies a number of concepts that appear in the “RBB aktuell” news show of Thu, 09. Aug 2012 and show screenshots of related information sources.

The concept “Airport BER” is represented by a picture of the main hall of the new terminal. The linked sources are from different content categories, such as politics, architecture, economy, geography, and can be classified as either information or opinion.

This news spot is about the band Silbermond who staged a live show in the famous historical building “Haus des Rundfunks”, the first official radio/broadcasting building in Germany and the home of many important live recordings in a time when music on the radio was often played by a live orchestra.

Scenario Demos

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