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LinkedTV semantic enrichment of news wins best paper @kcap2015 #kcap2015

Published on November 3, 2015 By lyndon.nixon@sti2.org

Congratulations to José Luis Redondo-García, Giuseppe Rizzo and Raphaël Troncy (all from LinkedTV partner EURECOM) who won the best paper award with their work on “The Concentric Nature of News Semantic Snapshots: Knowledge Extraction for Semantic Annotation of News Items“. News Semantic Snapshot from Jose Luis Redondo Garcia Single news articles on the Web often […]

#HyperTED a LinkedTV prototype in the top 10 finalists for the #VICI challenge of @linkedupproject at @iswc2014

Published on October 1, 2014 By lyndon.nixon@sti2.org

“HyperTED: Exploring TED talks at the fragment level” offers a unique and innovative way for exploring over 1681 TED talks at the media fragment level, opening a window to a more effective and efficient dissemination of the knowledge present in those inspirational conferences. Anyone can play with this app at http://linkedtv.eurecom.fr/mediafragmentplayer. HyperTED has been developed […]

LinkedTV technology benchmarked in #MediaEval2013 Search and Hyperlinking task

Published on October 16, 2013 By lyndon.nixon@sti2.org

LinkedTV partners CERTH, UEP, FhG and EURECOM have worked hard all this summer to make a submission to the Search and Hyperlinking task at MediaEval 2013. As one of 11 submissions, the final results will be made known by this Saturday in Barcelona. Why all this effort? MediaEval is the real scientific evaluation of the LinkedTV […]

Creating Enriched YouTube Media Fragments With NERD Using Timed-Text

Published on September 27, 2012 By Simeona Pellkvist

Creating Enriched YouTube Media Fragments With NERD Using Timed-Text Author: Yunjia Li, Giuseppe Rizzo, Raphaël Troncy, Mike Wald and Gary Wills In Proceedings of The 11th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2012) held in Boston, USA on November 11-15, 2012 during Demo Session. Abstract: This demo enables the automatic creation of semantically annotated YouTube media fragments. A video is fi rst […]