Can we tell stories by interweaving TV and Web? Join #FutureTV @ACMTVX #tvx2014! Deadline March 17

The 5th FutureTV workshop at ACM TVX 2014 will explore the new possibilities for television that can be realised through the LinkedTV vision of interweaving seamlessly TV and Web content, and particularly how this seamless interweaving can be used to build new forms of interactive stories around streamed audiovisual and Web content.

Building on top of LinkedTV’s Platform for analysing and annotating TV programming as well as the LinkedTV Player for providing multi-screen enrichment of the annotated TV playout with links to more information about objects and topics in the program, we believe the natural next progression in the TV-Web experience will be to build whole narratives around the interweaving of both. Ideas, position papers and prototypes around interactive stories told by a mix of TV and Web content are keenly requested! Submission deadline is March 17. 

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