Discover Linked Media at #ESWC2014 LIME workshop confirmed with @SSchaffert keynote, talks and demos 25/5 #lod #multimedia

LinkedTV is pleased to announce that the program for the 2nd Linked Media workshop (LiME) to be held on May 25, 2014 during ESWC 2014 has been published on the event page.

The Linked Media workshop wants to bring together Linked Data and (semantic) multimedia researchers and practitioners to discover and discuss the benefits of the overlaps between Linked Data as a global unique concept space and semantic annotation of multimedia as a means to improved media retrieval and re-use. Ultimately, publishing annotations online using Linked Data can help promote new applications of media retrieval and re-use across the Web.

The Linked Media workshop program includes a keynote talk by Sebastian Schaeffert, a leading researcher in the overlap between Linked Data and multimedia as well as lead developer of Linked Media Framework (now Apache Marmotta). It also has 3 research presentations and 2 research demos, covering topics in TV, cultural heritage, social media and online annotation tools. We look forward to seeing you there!

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