FINAL CALL for FutureTV Workshop @ACMTVX #tvx2014 One – two page papers requested by March 17 on Interactive Storytelling, LinkedTV style!


The 5th international workshop on Future Television:
Interactive Storytelling by interweaving Television and the Web

in conjunction with ACM TVX 2014 (formerly EuroITV), Newcastle (UK). 25th June 2014.

The 5th FutureTV workshop at ACM TVX 2014 will explore the new possibilities for television that can be realised through the LinkedTV vision of interweaving seamlessly TV and Web content, and particularly how this seamless interweaving can be used to build new forms of interactive stories around streamed audiovisual and Web content.

We solicit research and development papers which present original new work that could be part of future “Linked Television”, drawing from the experiences made in interactive storytelling. Researchers are invited to submit max. two page proposal papers that describe current research results and present their potential contribution to the creation of Interactive Stories through the seamless interweaving of TV and Web content.Practitioners and developers are invited to submit max. one page demo papers that describe a tool or service and how it can contribute to Interactive Story creation.

Submission deadline is March 17, via

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