LinkedTV will host the 5th FutureTV workshop @ACMTVX 2014 on Interactive Storytelling #TVX2014

We are pleased to announce that next summer at the leading international conference on online video and TV interaction and user experience, the ACM TVX 2014 (formerly EuroITV), longer known as the ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video,  LinkedTV will organise the fifth Future Television workshop, this year focused on Interactive Storytelling.

LinkedTV has focused on linearly enriching the TV program with links to related information about objects and topics in that program. However, the integration of TV and Web content opens up new possibilities for how a TV experience may be formed, which is moving in the direction of Interactive Storytelling. Here, the TV content and the links from it to other material would be designed to tell an overall story and respect the need for meaningful narrative in content consumption which can be very individual in terms of each viewer’s path through the story.

The goal of the workshop will be to bring together experts from the TV and Web media communities to discuss how LinkedTV ideas can be applied to interactive storytelling with audiovisual material enriched by links to other content. As such, the focus will be on entertaining creative ideas, learning about innovative tools and services and sharing knowledge and technology.

A workshop website will be launched before Christmas with a submission deadline in March 2014 for position papers of max 2 pages. We look forward to your ideas and sharing experiences in the future of television!

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