MediaEval 2013 Search and Hyperlinking Task Results: LinkedTV FIRST in Hyperlinking and SECOND in Search!

We are pleased to inform about the great results LinkedTV has achieved at the MediaEval 2013 Search and Hyperlinking Task. which were unveiled last month at the MediaEval 2013 workshop and are now publicly available in the MediaEval 2013 proceedings.

LinkedTV partners EURECOM, UEP, CERTH-ITI and Fraunhofer IAIS collaborated to apply LinkedTV analysis and linking technologies to the BBC-sourced video corpus. As the results were published, LinkedTV found itself in:

  • SECOND place in the Search sub-task;
  • FIRST place in the Hyperlinking sub-task!

Thus the MediaEval activity has helped validate the value of LinkedTV analysis and linking technology on a large video corpus and is an encouragement to us for further refinements and improvements in the coming year. A big well done to the collaborators who spent a lot of time, also over the summer, to produce this winning result!

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