New LinkedTV technology: MediaFinder collects #socialmedia and using #Kinect to grab #MediaFragments courtesy @EURECOM

LinkedTV partner EURECOM has provided details of three demonstrators of LinkedTV technology. As leader of our “Linking video to Web content” workpackage EURECOM is focusing on the challenge to provide fresh and relevant media content to link to from concepts annotated in TV programs.

Its MediaFinder system collects images and video from social networks related to trending topics and automatically creates different visual storyboards that reflect what users have shared about this particular event. A video of MediaFinder in use for Live Topic Generation from Event Streams is also available,

MediaFinder was tested in an experiment that consists in collecting fresh social media posts (posts containing media items) from numerous social platforms in order to generate the story of the “2013 Italian Election” from the crowd point of view. Items are grouped in meaningful time intervals that are further analyzed through deduplication, clusterization, and visual representation. The final output is a storyboard that provides a satirical summary of the elections as perceived by the crowd. The system is publicly available at

As well, Kinect offers a possibility to use simple gestures to “grab” fragments of a TV program and  see their enrichments on a second screen device. A demo of this, shown at EuroITV 2013, can be found here.

All LinkedTV demos can be found at

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