Survey of Online Tools for Semantic Media Annotation – LinkedTV leads the way

Presented today by LinkedTV scientific co-ordinator Lyndon Nixon at the 2nd Linked Media workshop during ESWC2014, the Survey of Semantic Media Annotation Tools considered current tools and services available to those interested in generating interoperable rich (semantic) descriptions of their media at the fragment level. LinkedTV has published the slides to SlideShare:

The Linked Media principles consider consensus on the approach to metadata for online media as vital if access to and re-use of Web based media is to prove as successful as the text based Web, where HTML enabled Web browsers to have a common understanding of descriptions of Web pages. Those principles cover

Since LinkedTV work on media annotation and linking is driven by the same partners who are promoting the vision of Linked Media, it is not surprising that it is LinkedTV outputs such as NERD, TV2RDF and the Editor Tool which are closest to those principles and can be part of a technology stack which can enable media owners to generate Web-ready media annotations which can be used by applications for media retrieval, browsing and enrichment.


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