W3C reports on 4th Web and TV workshop: summary for Linked Television

The fourth Web and TV workshop was held in March 2014 in Munich, Germany, under the theme “Web and TV Convergence: Aligning Global Standards and What’s Next for Web and TV”. To that end, the roughly 130 attendees included many representatives of both key stakeholders in the TV industry as well as regional standards organizations.

The topics for discussion were decided after a public call for papers, to which LinkedTV also submitted and was accepted. The majority concentrated on multi-screen applications and hybrid TV, showing that these topics are still very relevant and a key issue for W3C to address.

LinkedTV presented its insight into specification gaps in the Multi-screen 2 session.

Linked Television is the seamless interweaving of TV and Web content into a single, integrated experience. The LinkedTV workflow consists of seed content, media fragments, annotation, enriched related content, curation and finally multiscreen viewing personalisation. This works with web video but there are gaps in broadcast TV integration, such as:

  • Support of Media Fragments URI specification
  • Locator schemes and attached annotations
  • Extension of TV metadata standards
  • Integration into Broadcast publishing workflows
As a result, LinkedTV welcomes the outcomes of the workshop which include the creation of the TV Control API Community Group (for Web apps to access and show TV programming and supplemental content) and work towards transitioning the Second Screen Presentation Community Group (to enable Web apps to request and display content on other device screens) to a Working Group to establish a new W3C standard. Both are important steps to enable LinkedTV to function as a fully W3C-compliant Web application in the future, and LinkedTV will participate in these groups as well as the planned Annotation Working Group which will push the Open Annotation Model towards W3C recommendation, a welcome step where LinkedTV has already based its annotations on this (LinkedTV Ontology).

This is a summary of the W3C workshop report.

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