What is the Future of Television in 2014? Join the discussion at our #TVX2014 Workshop @ACMTVX 2014

The 2014 Future Television workshop at the ACM TVX 2014 conference (formerly EuroITV) is focused on the topic of Interactive Storytelling.

The goal of the workshop is to explore the new possibilities for television that can be realised through the LinkedTV vision of interweaving seamlessly TV and Web content, and particularly how this seamless interweaving can be used to build new forms of interactive stories around streamed audiovisual and Web content.

We aim to explore how technologies and research in related domains contribute to the design and implementation of interactive storytelling, as an integration of TV and Web contents from different sources on same or different screens, with a particular focus on ensuring intuitive understanding of the overall story and respecting the need for meaningful narrative in content consumption which can be very individual in terms of each viewer’s path through the story.

We solicit research and development papers which present original new work that could be part of future “Linked Television”, drawing from the experiences made in interactive storytelling, including:

  • how TV and Web content and their integration can be designed to facilitate interactive stories;
  • technologies and tools which facilitate the production of interactive stories, based on preparation of appropriately planned TV programming or collection of recommendations of related Web content, respecting overall story narrative;
  • end device user interface and user experience for facilitating intuitive viewer participation in an interactive story;
  • requirements and proposals for new or altered specifications or standards to underlie the data used in describing an interactive story;
  • business and consumer applications of interactive storytelling based on a mix of TV and Web content, concepts for traditional broadcasters or OTT providers to deliver interactive stories as part of their programming.

We want a wide and open discussion on these topics so submissions are required only to be position papers of maximum two pages. Practitioners and developers are invited to submit max. one page demo papers that describe a tool or service and how it can contribute to Interactive Story creation. We hope that everyone with an idea to contribute to Interactive Storytelling can participate in this important discussion!

Submission deadline is March 17, 2014. More at the workshop web page. 

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